Stock CFDs Trading

Stock CFDs Trading

Trade a wide range of international Stock CFDs with low margins and minimal charges.

Stock CFDs are a great investing opportunity for investors to access many stock exchanges and go long or short on top companies’ stocks from around the world. When trading Stock CFDs, you can improve your trading potential by tapping into the opportunity of a market or sector, trade on reasonably small amounts and increase your profit fast by using leverage over-the-counter (OTC).

Through our robust multi-asset MetaTrader 5 platform, we provide a wide range of global stock CFDs to select from, including Amazon, Apple, Tesla and Microsoft.

Why Trade Stock CFDs with ZumaMarkets?

If you’re looking forward to invest in the stock market, ZumaMarkets offers you access to a wide range of global stocks, with low commissions and less margin requirements.

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  • Wide range of stock CFDS to trade from around the world
  • ZumaMarkets ECN trade execution: fast, no dealing desk involved
  • Low commission fees, low margins required
  • Secure deposits, fast withdrawals processing
  • Wide selection of analytical and learning tools
  • Dedicated Customer Support 24/5

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