How to verify my Zuma Markets account?

Before starting your document verification, we recommend that you verify that the identification is current and that the proof of residence is no more than ninety (90) days old.

If any of the documents is expired, you must send the documents and carry out the process again.

We need the following documents from you:

  1. 1 Proof of identity
  2. 1 Proof of address

Proof of identity can be any of the following:

  • Color copy (scan) or photo of valid ID issued by the government (both front and back) with a personal photo of the holder.
  • Color copy (scan) or valid DRIVER’S LICENSE photo (both front and back) with a personal photo of the identity holder (If no other proof of identity is provided, THE DRIVER’S LICENSE must show nationality and / or place of birth)
    Color copy (scan) or valid PASSPORT photo. (if you provide an extension of your passport, then you must provide a photo of the expired PASSPORT as well)
  • Color copy (scan) or valid RESIDENCE CARD photo (both front and back) with a personal photo of the identity holder) – (preferably if provided as a second proof of identity)

Proof of residency can be any of the following. It must reflect the name of the client, residential address and issue no more than 3 months.

  • A recent utility bill such as water, gas, electricity, cable TV, landline, mobile, or internet.
  • A document issued by the bank (bank statement, card statement, official letter from the bank)
  • A Certificate of Recent Residence issued by the Government (residency cards or condominium letters not accepted as proof of residence)
  • If the client lives with a third person and the proof of residence is not in his name, the receipt holder must provide an authorization indicating that our prospect lives in his residence, and is not responsible for the payment of this service. In these cases, the holder of the service receipt must provide the same documentation as any other applicant to verify their identification.

Step By Step Guide

Click on the menu option “Account Settings”, then click “Upload Documents”.

You will be directed to the page where the documents will be uploaded for verification.

  • Click the “browse” button to select the document on your device.
  • Select the Document Type (Proof of Identity or Proof of Residence)
  • Click on “Upload Documents”

Once the documents are uploaded, you can view them at the bottom and they will be in “Pending” status.

At this stage, your documents will be under review. If we need further documentation for verification purposes, you will be notified by email and / or receive a call from us.

If all documents are approved, you will receive an email with notification of your account approval.

If you have any questions about how to verify your account, or if you need help to complete the process, please email and we will assist you further.

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